Saturday, October 1, 2011

College ties can ne'er be broken, here at Old M.C.

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I have a strong emotional tie to my undergraduate alma mater, Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. Today I had the honor of sitting in on a board meeting of the Alumni Association, and being back on campus felt like being back home. While my mom has moved down to Bethlehem since I graduated, it is at Moravian where I truly learned a sense of community of both the school and the Lehigh Valley. While its small class sizes, picturesque campus, and strong faculty drew me to Moravian, it's what I learned when I got there that connected to the school, even today. 

Moravian College prides itself on its sense of community. It is the type of school in which prospective students are treated like close friends, current students are treated like family, and where the doors are always open to welcome alumni back in. Buildings may change, faculty may vary, yet one thing remains: the value of the community in which is the foundation of Moravian College. Community is a hard thing to put into words, but the kind found at Moravian is that you feel when you may go back to your parents' house on the holidays. It's a warm welcome of those you knew, those you're still in touch with, and those whom you'll get to know. 

An update to the Haupert Union Building

While I was a student at Moravian, I was actively involved on campus, ranging from serving as a Student Adviser to incoming students, serving as Vice President of my sorority, and graduating from The National LeaderShape Institute. 

The front porch to the sorority house I lived in. 

And here I am, starting a new chapter of my life in May with my graduation from law school on Long Island, new job prospects, and a future with this wonderful guy who also just happened to attend Moravian. And while everything in my life is lining up as planned, I knew it was time to make my way back to the community of Moravian. Make my way back home. As an alumna, I am extremely excited to see what my new ventures at this great school may be.

"When our college days are over
And our ways shall part,
Still by thee we'll be united
Still be one in heart."
Moravian College Alma Mater

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

& I've never been so sure

being home is good. familiar scents, familiar faces. home cooked meals of spinach ravioli. and lots of time to clear my mind. it feels good to be getting back to basics. sometimes, things are a mess. actually, most times they are. but finding myself amongst the craziness has been a really great experience.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


'Time makes you bolder, children get older, I'm getting older too...'-Fleetwood Mac

 I was listening to Stevie Nicks sing those all too familiar lyrics of 'Landslide' and I got to thinking about where I am in my life. The highs & lows. The accomplishments and failures. The painful heartaches and the strength of love. All of this in only 25 years. Isn't it a funny thing to realize all that you've gone through in only a quarter of a century? Only certain of one thing - and that's the unknown. Not being able to predict where the road is going to take you.

And here I am. I've been brought to this point by a series of lows. I've been kicked when I was down. I've watched my family hurt in ways that some won't ever know. I've doubted and cried and succumbed to all sorts of weaknesses. And here I am - here we are. We're still here. I'm mere months from the graduation of law school, I'm in a relationship with a man who loves me for all that I am and all that I'm not, and I'm the sister to a beautiful, strong woman who amazes me each and every day. 

I may have lost friends, I may have made mistakes, and I may have lost sight of what was important. But the passage of days, of this man-made notion of time, brought me here. So while I'm here, in this moment, I'm learning to appreciate what I've been given. 

And I'm making the most adult decision I've made all my life, and that's to let go of the anger. There's too much beautiful to surround with anger's dark clouds.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday in the City.

I'm a lucky girl. I've been lucky enough to know my wonderful boyfriend for five years. We may have gone through some ups & downs, but the important thing is that we are stronger than ever. I've realized that hitting lows in our relationship truly helped us see each other for who we really are. And it's a testament to our strength as a couple that we made it to where we are today. Together. So while we're stuck doing the 'long distance' thing until I graduate law school in May, we spend as many of our weekends together between NY & PA. This Saturday, the boy visited me in NYC. We started our day with some shopping in J.Crew (when do we not?!) and then headed downtown to L'asso (192 Mott St.) for lunch. L'asso is one of those amazing little gems with delicious food in the city.

The boyfriend intently checking out the menu.

We started our meal with some cinnamon bread. It had hints of orange and was all sorts of delicious.

 We then split a Bufalina pizza - lots of fresh mozzarella and basil. The thin crust makes these pies easy to eat!
Check out L'asso here!

We then headed over to the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy. While it was packed with people, I appreciated its church-picnic/Jersey shore boardwalk atmosphere.

I even wore my red pants in honor of the feast!

The day ended with a little more shopping, Magnolia devil's food cake cupcakes, & a whole lot of sneaky kisses, hand holding, and I love you's. I tend to whine at the end of our day together, always complaining "do you really have to leave?" "Can't we just get a place together already?" "Is it May yet?" I am trying really hard to make the most out of the life I live now, but I can't help but long for the future sometimes. Especially when it's lookin' so bright. So on the train ride home, the sun was setting, Frank Sinatra came on my iPod, and I realized just how darn lucky I am to have such a beautiful life, both in the now & likely in the future. 25 is looking up.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scheduling Time for Yourself

In between an overbooked schedule of classes, research, and work, I sometimes feel like I hardly have time to breathe. And when I do, most of my free moments are spent daydreaming about the weekend. So when two of my close friends asked me to go on a pumpkin spice latte run with them this afternoon, my response was "sure let me check my calendar, I'll pencil you in." I thought nothing of it until I opened up my Google Calendar to reserve a mere hour of friend time. Then I thought, since when have I gotten too busy to take time for myself, for a cup of coffee, for a nap? Okay, maybe the days of naps are long gone, but I could surely squeeze in a latte here and there. Maybe even a trip to the mall. Instead of always "working for the weekend," I could work and sneak some free time in here and there. 

At first, I was mortified at the fact that 25 year old Liz had to pencil in time for Starbucks. It just felt all so adult to me...all so...boring. But after enjoying some laughter with my friends & catching up on all of the great endeavors they're taking on, I realized that while I would have cringed at the thought when I was 18, maybe having to schedule in some 'me' time isn't so bad. Maybe it means I'm doing the right thing - trying to balance some time for friends and myself in between all of the havoc.
And it doesn't hurt to have great friends to remind you that all of your craziness is going to get you somewhere in life. Sometimes, a reminder to stay focused and remain grounded is as simple as scheduling in a pumpkin spice latte.


Monday, September 12, 2011

The Monday Blues

We've all had those days. It doesn't matter how beautiful the weather, how much work you've accomplished, or how great of a weekend you have. Some days, you just aren't feelin' it. You hit snooze (which we all know is a bad way to start the day), you don't have time for morning coffee, and everything else goes downhill from there. Usually, it's not just one thing that happens, it's a series of mini-meltdowns that lead to a cry for the day to end. Sometimes it's a Monday, sometimes it's a Wednesday. No matter what the day of the week, it's just not right.

Today's one of those days for me. I had the Sunday-night-into-Monday-blues, and I'm trying not to let today set the tone for the rest of the week. So I'm trying to change my mood with a few small tricks (apple cinnamon tea in my Life is Good mug, touching up my manicure, and pumpkin lotion just to name a few.) So far, I may not feel 100% on my game, but I feel better knowing that I'm fighting my Monday blues. And hey, tomorrow's Tuesday, and it's true, my life is good.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is it cold out yet?

I am a child of the Northeast, and the more that my clothing reflects the colors of the fall leaves in the Pocono Mountain day trips of my youth, the better. I need the weather to be just a little cooler before I break out some new tops. All fairly casual, meant for those skinny jeans & moccasins days. 
 A dusty rose chiffon top. This may get worn sooner rather than later with the new black riding pants I purchased from H&M. 
I'm a sucker for anything in "mustard" yellow. Not only are J.Crew Painter tees the best, they're even better paired with a slouchy hunter green J.Crew sweater. Add in my faux fur vest, & I'm pretty sure this is my pumpkin picking outfit.
The orangey red & navy combination won me over immediately. And on J.Crew's clearance rack for only $25 - had to be mine! It'll go perfect with my J.Crew wedge boots (luckily, I have the best boyfriend who got them for me as a birthday gift!) 

I hope you're all enjoying the start of fall, its colors, and its fashion!